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The Distant Dream

Producer, Remixer

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Goodbye Charlie

Dive into the sonic waves of "Goodbye Charlie", the latest hit from The Distant Dream! Whether you're a Twitter aficionado uncovering the latest conspiracies, an Instagram enthusiast hunting for visual delights, or a TikTok maven craving addictive entertainment – we've got something special for you. Stay tuned, clickable magic coming your way soon!  

Unveiling the melodies from the tapestry of the '80s and painting them on the canvas of today's EDM scene is The Distant Dream. Raised in an era dominated by neon lights and synthesizers, he fondly reminisces about the times his cassette player echoed with the symphonic fusion of Jean-Michel Jarre and Kim Wilde. Surprisingly, while his peers bounced between diverse musical choices, he was steadfast in his love for these two iconic artists.


However, that’s not to say he wasn’t swayed by other musical geniuses. The soulful harmonies of Enya, the ethereal tones of Enigma, and a dash of other '80s tunes crafted the backdrop of his formative years. There's something about '80s electronica that lures him in—its dreamy synths, mesmerizing pads, and the ability to transport listeners to a time where imagination reigned supreme.

The Distant Dream's musical style as a trance and electronica producer borrows heavily from this era. Listen closely, and you might discern traces of the decade's iconic bass riffs, ethereal pads, and enchanting female vocals weaving through his tracks, like whispers from a bygone era. Yet, beneath the euphoria of his tracks lies a rebel. A staunch critic of governmental corruption and deceit, he often expresses his disdain for their actions. In a world that sometimes feels too controlled, too constrained, he firmly believes in doing the opposite of what's dictated. For him, changing the musical frequency back to 432Hz isn't just a matter of preference—it's about healing souls, about reverting to a more genuine and resonant state of existence.

Parallel to his musical aspirations runs a profound love for animals. To him, they epitomize purity and authenticity, often placing them on a pedestal higher than humans. As his success in the music world grows, so does his ambition to leverage it to advocate for the well-being of animals. Each chord he strikes and every track he releases resonate with his hope to make a tangible difference in their lives.


Named 'The Distant Dream', he doesn't just craft music; he crafts aspirations. The moniker reflects his desire to exist in a world where dreams aren't just wishful thinking but achievable goals. Through uplifting trance and EDM, he hopes to inspire listeners to chase their ambitions and break free from the chains of modern-day societal constraints. Embark on a sonic journey with The Distant Dream and let his music guide you to realms of possibilities and wonder. Explore his captivating soundscapes on all major music platforms and let your spirit soar to the rhythm of dreams realized.

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