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Marie Jo

Singer Songwriter

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What we have is Love

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Marie Jo Interview - GMA Regional TV Early Edition:


My name is Marie Jo. I’m a 27-year-old singer/songwriter born in the Philippines but for half of my life was raised in Britain. Singing was always a part of me. According to my loving parents, The minute I could form words in my mouth I’d be singing nursery rhymes. I come from a very musical family. As young as the age of 5 I was influenced by music in one form or another. I joined a Children’s Chorus, I was part of a Choir that competed divisionally, I performed solo pieces in cantatas and occasionally be asked to sing at church. Music became a normal part of growing up that I don’t remember a time without music shaping the person I am today.


Moving to a new country at the age of 12, in a brand new environment, I’ve kept my love for singing under wraps as I weaved my way through high school uncertain of how I would fit in until I plucked up the courage to audition for a school play called “We Will Rock You”. To my surprise, I was casted as the female lead. I developed a newfound confidence in singing again and wanted to explore the ability and range of my voice. Throughout high school, I got involved in several school plays and branched out in competing in local competitions and was gaining exposure and experience in the music industry that way.


My path to being a musician was never straight and narrow I encountered big gaps wherein I had the privilege of pursuing a degree in Nursing. As the stereotype goes, in every Filipino household there’s always a Nurse. I fought against being part of that stereotype but fortunately for me I was called to exercise my duty of care. I excelled in my role of nursing and was promoted to becoming a Deputy Sister in my own ward in less than two years of being qualified. I was commended and regarded by my colleagues in the field of Nursing and I’ll always be grateful for all the opportunities and blessings it brought me. However, throughout this experience, I felt something missing. I knew my love for music was very much alive but it wasn’t utilised and I didn’t know how to pick it back up again. Until Djinn, who’s a poignant contributor to my music career, approached me one day and suggested to meet and talk music. Call it whatever you will but this was a turning point in my life. One I would never forget.


More than a year later, I’m about to be launching my music career with him as my Partner, Producer, Manager, Master, Sensei all wrapped in one. Releasing my music in the most unprecedented time has been challenging. To say this is an understatement and as a musician only starting out in the music industry, I'm acutely aware of the dire circumstances artists and performers alike, are struggling all around the world. I’ve never been so sure of my ability to shed light, love and positivity in this world through my music until now. To keep it hidden is no longer an option.

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