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Djinn Music  - is a multifaceted entity that offers a wide range of services to support the creative endeavors of its clients. As a brand, Djinn Music is built on the principle of fostering complete creative freedom, allowing artists and other creatives to fully express themselves without limitations.


As a record label, Djinn Music provides a platform for musicians to share their work with the world, and as a studio, it offers access to mutiple studios around the UK, and also the equipment to support the recording and production of music and video content.

Djinn Music also acts as a consultancy, offering guidance and support to artists, musicians, and other creatives in navigating the media industry. Additionally, it serves as a music agency, connecting artists with opportunities such as gigs, tours, and collaborations. And, as an artist development source, Djinn Music offers a range of programs and resources to help emerging talents hone their skills and build successful careers.

In short, Djinn Music is a one-stop-solution for all things related to music and creative production. Whether you are an artist looking to record an album, a music supervisor searching for the perfect soundtrack, or a musician seeking to take your career to the next level, Djinn Music is committed to providing the resources, support, and guidance you need to make it happen.

Samples of our work

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Kevin Perisi.jpeg

Kevin Perisi

 Djinn produced 'Beautiful Boy ft Ellie Armetta' which reached number 1 in the itunes download chart 7 times. Djinn was inspirational a genius and I recommend if you are lucky enough to work with him then take it with open arms. He is family to me now and I can never express in words how grateful I am for his kindness and brilliance in helping me achieve my goals .. thank you so much Djinn.


Beatrix Forbes

Without Djinn's expertise I would have not been where I am now, producing 4 albums and working on the 5th.

Without his guidance I would not have been this successful.

Djinn has made a wonderful job of all my compositions.

Gar Constant.jpg

Gary Constant

For many years, all of my productions have been laid down with Djinn. I like the quality of the end product. Excellent studio engineering, delivering the sound you are looking for.
5 Stars



I am the artist I am today because of Djinn. Not only have I developed and learnt a lot about myself as an artist but also got to learn the technical and business side of music too which is a great benefit to any musician. I think I’m close to being called the ad-lib queen now. A few years ago adlibs were my worst fear. Thanks Djinn x

sumeet kanye west_edited.jpg


Producer extraordinaire.

We sent the vocals over for a remix of 'Connection'and Djinn just killed it!



He is A CLASS in teaching and/or developing any aspect of music you wish to pursue! Friendly and laid back atmosphere makes it easy to get a lot done in the time you have and also you will make a friend for life.

Don Jojo Castello.jpg


Coming Soon

the distant deam.jpg

The Distant Dream

Coming Soon

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