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composition - development

Djinn Music  -  is the vision and creation of Djinn.


What is Djinn? Although it stems from ancient scriptures & Islamic teachings, Djinn is actually our acronym for Difficult Journeys Inspire New Notions.

If there is one basic human desire after the base instinctive desires such as food, warmth, clothing and shelter, It is to be 'understood'. Djinn Music was set up in 2001 to solve this problem. Artists, music supervisors, musicians, writers all need to be understood in order to effectively express their message, and this is our first aim.

Djinn Music is an entity that allows complete creative freedom to all those involved.

It's a brand, record label, studio, music and video production company, consultancy, music agency, artist development source, and much much more.

Djinn Music provides extremely high quality content and services and to put simply, Acts as a smooth bridge between your vision and reality.

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Services Include

  • Mixing

    Professional enginnering for the perfect mix of you songs.

  • Mastering

    After the mix comes mastering. the careful polish to make your song release for radio and distribution.

  • Songs

    Your song ideas become a reality. If you have just lyrics or music,  we can do the rest.

  • Composition

    Excellent quality bespoke music that touches the listener and viewer deeply, We have music for every scene.

  • Memberships

    Becoming a members means we work with you closely each week to develop and successfully launch your project.

  • Consultancy

    When your almost on your way but a little lost, that's where we step in and help you.