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Producer, Singer, Songwriter

Composer, Remixer

DJINN Choudry AKA Djinn is an acclaimed musical artist, producer, singer and songwriter who's performances alongside artists such as Misteeq and So Solid Crew paved way for mainstream popularity when his E.P 'The Prophecy' landed in the hands of BBC Asian Network presenter Adil Ray. The public voted for his songs which also play-listed on BBC Radio 1 as well as 1-Xtra and by popular demand led to a follow-up collaboration between Djinn and his good friend, Production partner and Film composer Tom Linden. This time they delivered Djinn's debut album 'Just a Thought' under their own label 'The Godfathers'. Every song on the album received major radio airplay.

Djinn also collaborated with recording artist Mehi for his debut production single titled Point of Xstaci'. This again was heavily playlisted from UK radio to clubs in Goa. This later led to other collaborations such as Mukhtar Sahota and A.R.Rahman with the project 'Donasian' where Djinn co-wrote his lyrics and was a featured artist, He featured in the video and became known as “the guy in the white hoodie.” This expanded his fan base and earned him credibility on the Asian music scene.


Djinn has been consistently releasing new material and collaborating with artists ranging from Trance producer 'The Distant Dream' to Don Jojo ft (Shatta Wale) - (Beyonce, The Lion King Soundtrack) All releases are listed on the website. Check the Discography section for more info. 

More about Djinn - Born in Oxford (UK). He is of mixed origin ranging from Central Asia, Hawaii and Solomon Islands to Scandinavia, Ireland and England.
As a child his father felt best for his son to have an eastern upbringing so subsequently Djinn moved to Pakistan at the age of five, A wise decision as he was taken through a journey of eastern spirituality which amplified his natural love for music and refle

After his return to the UK in 1992 Djinn immediately found himself assigned as the lead singer of his school band and so his music journey began. Recording and releasing material with the band it was only a short while later that became a support DJ in clubs around the UK from Oxford to London playing Hip-Hop, R&B and electronica, Djinn always had a tendency to squeeze in a little live PA over instrumental parts of the songs beings played while also personalising the production a little. 

He moved to London in 2001 and started working with various producers who offered him production deals but he never felt entirely satisfied with their sound, so he completed a degree in Computer Science and Music Technology and learnt the art of music production and composition. Djinn has now worked with numerous artists globally on projects for release, Film, TV, Radio, and other media, and continues to develop others.