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Mustang GT Video Shoot Cameo

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

New single - Yaariyann

Got a call from #mehi regarding a new video Shoot. The Djinnmobile was to be featured so I woke up early and left for east London straight after Fajr. Stopped off at Mehi’s and we were accompanied by the great interior designer (Mehi’s sister) who was the make up artist for the day.

Got to Mehi’s and we left for the shoot location. Turns out that Yas from Gold car here was already there waiting with his beautiful Bentley.

The Bentley (Pictured below) for the shoot so we had multiple scenes for the video.

Chinky Eyes

Some fun photos of the day! Organizing!

We got hungry and took a break. Went to the locate Tesco and picked up the Musician's diet foot until we got home where we could enjoy real Roti!

Below is a link to the finished video where I did a little Cameo too! Enjoy :)

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