A simple Woman

Djinn’s Note - If you remember the heavyweight Remix of “Akhiyan by Bobby ft Mc Intensity“ that blew up on the Asian scene, Then you’d remember when it was released. This was a time of great challenge for me and I was at the beginning of my real production career. Thankfully I had unbelievable support by friends that without, I wouldn't be a successful Producer today. Angela is one of those friends. Pulled me through some blind times, even opened my eyes to my untapped potential, invested in me greatly with her belief and support since day one. Even the remix was done on her PC! I have invited Angela who is an entrepreneur & house wife with two beautiful children, 1 boy and 1 girl who is originally from Ukraine and currently residing in Belarus to honour my blog with a creative write up. Here’s her thoughts on today’s ‘Simple / Complicated Woman‘.


Русская версия....

It seems to be a non-winning topic — to write about a simple, unremarkable woman. Such, as many.


Not everyone is trying to fall in love, to climb to the top of meaning, to strive for world records. Many women just live, as advised by psychologists – here and now. Come spring – fall in love, comes the summer – going to the South, Sometimes having holiday romance.

Then in the fall of sad really, replacing one letter in the word "autumn", and in the winter – again, energised, New Year, champagne, toys, tangerines... and again, love, that creeps up by the spring.

Why should a woman be an ideal: to behave ‘correctly’ in a relationship, to build an ideal template for the relationship? Bored from all this somehow.

Why is it, most are saying, that women have to be more "complicated". Before, women haven't studied anywhere, just received a standard home education and nothing - civilisation survived perfectly well. Of course, you can't stop progress. It is great to develop, to achieve career growth, to be realised in a profession. So why do more and more women, become unhappy in their personal life?

Paradox... I do not ask anyone to become artificially simple, but you have to rest from some of the ‘unnecessary’ jobs to give more to yourself, and respond to the actions of the partner which may be worth more, naturally, as you feel, without educational goals and "beating around the bush”.

Just live and enjoy life, somewhere to let things take their course, to abstract from what is happening. In General, do not be ashamed of the so-called "simple woman"

It may even happen that men will feel in you this inner peace and Zen, and be pulled towards you, by themselves :)

And you yourself then decide whether to take into your established world another difficulty, or continue to meditate.

Angela xx

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